Although we are specialize in customized designs & products, we have a wide range of standard Stern gear, Rudder, Nozzles & Shafts which are the part of our continuous production batch & kept in stock for the orders which are irrelevant to market position. It enables us to tackle market risk & deliver bulk orders within very less cycle time. Our contract manufacturing add milestone to our business.

Services & Repairs:

To ensure efficiency & optimum performance, it is essential to make sure that propeller is regularly serviced & in good condition. Any distortion from its original shape or imbalance can cause: - engine damage, drive train damage, vibration, loss of thrust, increased fuel usage and a gradual decrease in vessel’s performance.

SGP offers propeller repair/recondition services which include the ability to modify existing propellers to the international classification standard & ISO 484 Class I and Class II using high standard pitch verification and measuring equipment. Detailed recording of propeller blade pitch characteristics, both before and after modification is ensured. All work is overseen and supervised by experienced Marine Engineers giving our customers the reassurance that all our service work is carried out to the highest standards.

We offer following Repair Service!!!

Propeller Services:

• All General Propeller repairs to Bronze Propellers used mainly on commercial fishing boats, tug boats, work boats, patrol boats, ferries, cruises & expensive yachts, etc

• Damage survey & Reporting ( Before & After)

• Development of repair specifications including approval by the classification society

• Blade Straitening

• Re-Pitching and De-pitching Bronze propellers up to 3 mtr in Diameter

• Diameter reduction/cutting to up to 3 mtr in diameter propellers

• Modification on the edges -Edge Cutting on Trailing edges

• All types of blade Welding – Bronze by qualified and certified specialists

• Dynamic Balancing /Static Balancing/ General Balancing c/w Analysis /Balance Inspection Reports

• Blade Polishing/ High Finish Blade Polishing

• Manufacturing of spare blade tips

• Non-destructive material tests

Stern Gear Services:

• Shaft Straightening

• Out Removal & Bend Removal

• Welding

• Propeller Fitting

• Keyway & Bedding

• Coupling Reboring with Bedding

• CNC Machining & Polishing

Rudder Services:

• Rudder welding

• Plate Grinding

• Complete Grinding & Polishing of Rudder

P-Bracket Services:

• Machining

• Grinding

• Polishing

• Out Removal & Bend Removal

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