(Our High Quality Propulsion System is Manufactured as per UK/EU Standards)

For High Performance Yachts & Commercial Vessels

SGP made its greatest foothold through its expertise in designing the customized propellers as well as commercial propellers for your type of vessel. SGP has grown to a capacity to produce propellers up to a weight of 6 tons and up to the diameter of 5 meters in bronze alloy. Importantly, these high capacity propellers are made totally free from cavitations, noise, and vibration and in turn the ship will achieve increased thrust, benefit in fuel saving & desired speed quite flawless.

The overall designs of these propellers are carried out in-house & according to the purpose and adequate knowledge in turn to deliver the highly valuable output to all our customers from our main office. Today, we are serving all Marine sector from shipping, shipbuilding , inland waterways, offshore, fishing , dredging & yachting.

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